Amazon SEO

Product Listing Optimization Can Boost Your Sales

When most people think of they think about all of the potential shopping that can be done in this online marketplace.  Equally important is the potential selling that can occur, generating massive profits for sellers. Consider the following statistics which show the staggering amount of business that is conducted on Amazon yearly. 

Billion Dollars In Net Sales In 2019
Million Prime Users Worldwide
Million Sellers That Use Amazon
Of Buyers Price Check On Amazon

Amazon isn’t just a platform for selling goods – it’s also a powerful search engine that allows shoppers to find the perfect product. With the right SEO optimization, products have a much higher chance of being seen by potential buyers and therefore are more likely to be purchased.

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Amazon’s A9 Algorithm

Amazon has its own ranking system – the A9 Algorithm. The beauty of this algorithm is that it has one purpose, to show buyers items that match their search. How does this differ from a search engine like Google? Amazon only returns goods to purchase while Google returns any and all relevant information. 

Think about this: enter the search term “Keanu Reeves” into Google, you’ll get results that include a Wikipedia page on his personal life and acting roles, an IMDB page on his acting career, and then a list of YouTube videos featuring him. This is followed by thousands of other results that can provide great detail about his life, interviews he’s given, and the gossip surrounding him.

However, if you enter this same search term into Amazon, you’ll be presented with a list of movies starring Keanu Reeves to buy, as well as a few other goods aimed at super fans – like a pillow with his face on it. The items shown on Amazon are those that the search engine believes will ultimately result in the most profit. 

Amazon doesn’t need to tell you anything about Keanu Reeves or the work he’s done. Instead, it finds products that best fit his name when it’s used as a search term.

Optimizing Amazon Product Listings 

Optimizing should begin when the product listing is created before it even goes live. A well-optimized listing should include: 

  • Keyword Rich Content
  • Keyword Rich Title
  • High-Quality Product Images/Videos
  • Details Listed In Bullet Points
  • Search Terms
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Fulfillment Details 
  • Questions & Answers
  • Ratings & Reviews 
Screen Shot of Patricia Nash Purse Amazon Listing

Keep in mind that search engine optimization works best when it is ongoing since algorithms and search terms shift over time. 

Should I Buy Reviews For My Amazon Products? 

Absolutely not. Although reviews can really impact a product listing’s rank, buying reviews isn’t a good idea. Amazon now indicates which reviews have been provided by someone who actually purchased the product, making it easy to determine which reviews are real and which are fake. 

Amazon has also made it clear that buying reviews is against the rules. The company takes reviews so seriously that sellers who used fake accounts to write product reviews have been sued in the past. 

Amazon SEO Packages Offered By Rank Wranglers

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Large Package

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