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Content marketing is arguably the most important aspect of any website. Great content captures the interest of a visitor, both entertaining and informing them.

However, the words used in the content placed on webpages is also important because it helps a search engine determine what the site is about. When a keyword phrase or question is typed into a search engine, the search engine looks to find the most relevant match or answer to the query. The more information that is provided on a website the more likely it is to be shown as a result in relevant searches.

Content can also:

  1. Improve a site’s click-through rate by including links that encourage a visitor to move to a different page.
  2. Be shared, potentially creating backlinks to a website.

Written word isn’t the only type of content that should be considered. Videos, infographics, and pictures are more likely to be shared on social media platforms than anything else. It’s important to optimize each type accordingly to achieve maximum performance.

This category will include posts that go over how to create great content, how to choose the right keywords, how to review analytics, and various tips different planning strategies. Rank Wranglers hopes you will enjoy learning all about content and how our digital marketing team can help you optimize your website!

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