SEO Tips That Can Improve A Websites Visibility


It’s true that the world of search engine optimization changes rapidly. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Duck Duck Go constantly monitor the results to millions of queries made each day. These companies take the data they obtain and use it to change complex algorithms – algorithms that control the results of a search.

That being said, there are always fundamental principles that remain unchanged in search engine optimization. The following are a few examples of SEO basics that should always be factored into a strategy:

  1. Keywords: Choosing the right keywords is incredibly important. Keywords should be used throughout all of the website content, including URLs and headers.
  2. Site Speed: The longer it takes for a site to load the more likely a visitor is to leave. In fact, nearly 40% of visitors will leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. If your website doesn’t load quickly you need to take steps to improve loading times.
  3. Links: Internal and external links can create link juice and boost domain authority.
  4. Content Creation: New content should be regularly published on the website. Content should be well researched, relevant, and a minimum of 500 words. However, longer content is generally preferred.

This category, SEO tips, will discuss the fundamental principles that should be included in any SEO strategy as well as tips that are specific to certain industries.

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